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'prometheus stole fire from the heaven to animate his clay men'

nm-8 [:ˈanɪmeɪt] animate: to bring to life;

Greek, combining form of ánemos: wind; cognate with Latin animus: breath;



Blender add-ons and advanced shaders for faster workflows

Eyez An all in one shader for eyes Color the Iris, set its size, squeeze it if it’s a dragoneye, set depth for a fake refractive effect and amplify the translucency of the iris. This shader is meant to fake the complex geometry of an eyeball.
Parallaxpack A pack of nodes and materials in Cycles with Parallax Mapping. Parallax Mapping is a way to distort the texture, so that it looks embossed into the surface. In contrast to BumpMap and NomralMaps this technique truly covers deeper points by higher points....




APA-Defacto, APA-IT, ORF, ÖBB, RedBull, MediaMarkt, Spar, DeltaBloc, Mondi, OMV, Philips, Niedermeyer, Whiskas, Zewa, Trojka, Servus-TV, ECM, Fronius, Yunmee, Obi, Bene, Opel, Samsung, Miele, Volksbank, Ama, Baumax ...


The Benefit of Animation

Showreel 2014


Concept, Design and Animation
Client DeltaBloc

Animation, Motionconcept and MotionDesign

Client Phillips SPS

Agency Open121



DeltaBloc SafetyBarriers

Philips SPS SpeechMike Premium

Design, Animation and Concept

Client Trojka Vodka

Agency Kreitner&Partner



Trojka Vodka Visuals

Animation and Concept
Client Mondi

Agency Open121



Mondi IndustrialBags