nm-8 [:ˈanɪmeɪt] animte: to bring to life;
'prometheus stole fire from the heaven to animate his clay men' 

Greek, combining form of ánemos: wind; cognate with Latin animus: breath;

3D Character scetch

3D Lightning scetch

Why should you use animation
a short explanation on the benefits of animation in your b2b and b2c communication.

Showreel 2014 

IntrinsityMap is scratching the surface of your models

BalanceRun 2.0 has launched!

The new Version of BalanceRun enables you to animate characters with up to 8 feet. Several dynamical parameters have been added, to finetune the animation to your needs. Reduce the generated keys to a necessary amount for easier manual refinement, and generate particle systems for dust and stones, as the steps get heavier. Read more ...