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Blender add-ons and advanced shaders for faster workflows

Lens is a compositing nodegroup that replicates lens  abberations in post processing.

Cell skins is a node and some shader examples that replicate the cell structure of skin procedurally. from human skin to reptile scales, for dinosaurs and dragons this node can be used whenever a creature is shaded.



Eyez An all in one shader for eyes

Color the Iris, set its size, squeeze it if it’s a dragoneye, set depth for a fake refractive effect and amplify the translucency of the iris.

This shader is meant to fake the complex geometry of an eyeball.

Parallaxpack A pack of nodes and materials in Cycles with Parallax Mapping.

Parallax Mapping is a way to distort the texture, so that it looks embossed into the surface. In contrast to BumpMap and NomralMaps this technique truly covers deeper points by higher points....